You can Purchase tickets two different ways
Pre Purchase Your tickets/Space cash at the door


You will be purchasing a actual space; which you can have as little as 1 person, and as many as 6 in that space.

Spaces are charged based on 6 people per space.

Not all have to arrive at the same time.
Your spot is based on the price tier you purchase.
You spot within that tier will be based on a

first-come / first-served basis.  Taxes are in the final price.
You will have access to the lot 60 mins before show.

You may pay, per person, with cash at the door.
For Cash buyers, the tax is added to the price.

If you have a party of 6,

not all people have to arrive at the same time.

Once the 1st person claims the spot,

let our staff know you expect more.

If you are ok with adding more to your space,

or want to be in a small group, let our staff know.

You will have access to the lot 30 mins before the show

(30 mins AFTER "eventbrite" buyers are let in.)

You can pick the best spot.
Cheaper per person. (6)

Guarantees you a spot.

Pay with a Credit Card.

Pay Online.

Good for single buyers.
Can purchase 1 ticket.


We have to charge based on 6 people per space.

Buy Day Tickets &

Multi Day Ticket

This ticket is for a full day, OR a multi-day ticket

Space allocation after eventbrite.
No Credit Card.

Tickets are in 3 price tiers.

$15 per person - Green - 37 spots
$20 per person - Blue - 76 spots
$30 per person - Red - 24 spots

Prices include the taxes and fees.


* Prices for eventbrite tickets are cheaper, based on 6 people, and taxes/fees are adjusted with the final price.


These shows are allocated parking spaces for people
(not cars); up to 6 people per parking space. 
The map will show you the layout of the event.



Chair Rental (optional) $5


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